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Bernard Abeille

Bernard Abeille made a career as a jazz musician. He became concerned about the gradual disappearance of marine cetaceans, and decided to make an audio-visual show dedicated to them: Whale and double bass. He composes music for films and has created six other shows focused on environmental or humanitarian issues.

Madeleine Walker

Madeleine works as an Animal Communicator, horse and rider trauma consultant, and empowerment coach. She lives in the UK running clinics and workshops. She travels extensively to work with animal species in the wild, especially cetaceans like humpback whales and dolphins.


She is a qualified Stress Management Consultant and has trained with Psycho-neuro-Immunology, which utilises the mind/body connections in facilitating self-healing -widely used in Cancer Help Centres. 

Rafa Herrero Massieu

He is a professional diver, naturalist and underwater filmmaker. Since 1994 he runs Aquawork, a company specializing in underwater documentaries.

He is totally fallen in love with his homeland, the Canary Islands, where

he has developed most of his work, always feeling intensely the ocean,

and later he try to convey those emotions and make it known. And not

only the nice side but also its most bitter and sad one: the oceans'


Being one with the Ocean, Rafa creates unique relationship with it and its inhabitants.

His work includes the documentary “No man's sea" and the documentary "Isora, story of a short-finned pilot whale pod" and a recent project “Secrets of Macaronesia”. Rafa is a director of photography and “shaman” in My Pilot Whale documentary of the Dolphin Embassy.

David Rothenberg

ECM recording artist David Rothenberg is the author of Why Birds Sing, book and CD, published in seven languages and the subject of a BBC television documentary.  He is also the author of numerous other books on music, art, and nature, including Thousand Mile Song, about making music with whales, and Survival of the Beautiful, about aesthetics in evolution.  His book and CD Bug Music, featuring the sounds of the entomological world, has been featured on PBS News Hour and in the New Yorker.  His duet with pianist Marilyn Crispell, called “une petite miracle” by Le Monde and named by The Village Voice one of the ten best CDs of 2010.  His latest recordings are Cicada Dream Band and Berlin Bülbül.  Rothenberg is professor of philosophy and music at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Lamya Essemlali

Lamya is President of Sea Shepherd France and co-director of Sea Shepherd Global. From serving on the 2005/2006 campaign to Antarctica to her leadership of campaigns in the Faeroe Islands to protect whales, to the Mediterranean to protect Bluefin tuna and to LaReunion Island to protect sharks she has has been a passionate warrior for our oceans. Under her leadership Sea Shepherd France has grown to become a strong and effective force for ocean conservation activism.

In 2012 she published the book "Captain Paul Watson, interview with a pirate».

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