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JUNE 15 - 19, 2017


If we went to another planet, would we be able to recognize a Mind in its inhabitants?

What if the Ocean is a living being? Is it possible to be in contact with it? What are the conditions for such contact? Consciousness - what is it? What are universally applicable criteria of intelligence? What if they do not match the ones we are accustomed to? How intelligent we ourselves are, when measured against them?


For a week the round building of the Dolphin Embassy will turn into a flying saucer that has landed on the shores of an unknown ocean. It will also function as a research station with a working hypothesis that the Earth is alive, and the Ocean is inhabited by intelligent beings. Participants of the Festival are the expedition team. High-order questions determine the level of participants.


 If we understand whales, we may well be able to understand who we are. This is probably the most important of our discoveries.

A search for a worldview that doesn’t destroy the world. Experiments, discussions, observations, changes. The expedition has at its disposal some of the most advanced means of acquiring knowledge, a great wealth of information, and a crew capable of great discoveries.


Welcome aboard!


DOLPHINITY is a way of life and a worldview with real meaning and real passion. A worldview based on wholeness, not on division. Not a Plan B, but Plan A – the one we are truly meant to fulfill.


The Festival provides moments, places, encounters, experiences, sensations and solutions focused on such kind of a worldview.

The Dolphinity Festival is at once a scientific forum, a creative workshop and an international fiesta.

It is a unique cultural event as well as a continual project: an international community, a year-round research and information centre, an experimental base for new vivid transformational projects – a global practice of direct interaction between human beings and the Universe.



The Festival 2017 is an environment created by all its participants, in which everyone draws out answers to the most important questions from within. Many strong and interesting people will be there. However, it’s not them or their knowledge that is of key importance for you personally, but YOU (your own self) and what happens to you. This treasure trove can be unearthed only with one's own hands, and an expert's ramblings about what one should expect to find in the chest are of little if any help. The only key that unlocks it is your fingerprints and retina pattern. Treasures are at stake, not an autograph of some guru with wishes of success. This is not about a lesson in geography, but about slashing your way through and out of the jungle. Not information, but a transformation.


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