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DOLPHINITY is a way of life and a worldview with real meaning and real passion. A worldview based on wholeness, not on division. Not a Plan B, but Plan A – the one we are truly meant to fulfill.


The Festival provides moments, places, encounters, experiences, sensations and solutions focused on such kind of a worldview.


Dolphinity World Festival is a project of the Dolpnin Embassy, a non-governmental mission.


The central experience in the life of dolphins – Play, Awareness, Love and, above all, their constant ENGAGEMENT in life – is the very nature of human happiness.


Enhancing the presence of such “involvement”, as well as the amount of joy and meaning in human life is the main purpose of the Dolphin Embassy.



The Dolphinity Festival is at once a scientific forum, a creative workshop and an international fiesta.

It is a unique cultural event as well as a continual project: an international community, a year-round research and information centre, an experimental base for new vivid transformational projects – a global practice of direct interaction between human beings and the Universe.






©  Dolphin Embassy, 2017

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The Dolphinity Festival is a gathering of people who realize that within the prevailing worldview based on the separation of man and the universe, with the current way of life based on the consumerist attitude to nature, within the existing scientific paradigm based on the concept of self-sufficiency of matter, no solutions can any longer be found. It’s a gathering of people who feel the need to look for radically new approach and goals.

OCEAN's 30

JUNE 19 - 24, 2018


The Dolphin Embassy prepares international projects for the years 2018-2019, the purpose of which is the emergence of a holistic worldview based on the fact that everything is interconnected and interdependent.

The main round preparation is the 4th Dolphinity Festival (June 19-24, 2018, Tenerife), which this year will be organized as a practicum provided by the Embassy.




The Plan A (practice).

The Dolphin Principle (practice).

The Generator of Opportunities (practice).



- "three secrets of happiness," "five pills of success," "seven jumps to enlightenment," "nine keys to omnipotence," because the Dolphin Embassy does not work any such miracles.

- personal growth, because the scale of tasks is beyond personal.

- esoteric knowledge, because with the courage to know, all mysteries are now manifest.

- the experience of millennia, because it’s the first time for everything that is happening now.

- juggling unlimited possibilities, because the perfect opportunity is singular.

And that ‘s what we shall, at last, be pursuing.

Conditions for participation:


1. Knowledge:

- the impossible does not exist;

- the world is alive, it is not invented by lawyers nor managed by accountants;

- in comparison to your real self, your current occupation does not matter;

2. Skills:

- communication in at least one international language (English or French, preferably);

- taking care of one’s own expenses - incl. air tickets and accommodation;

- tolerance to situations of uncertainty.

3. Wants:

- to accomplish something for the world as a whole - superseding the needs of one's own survival and pleasure.


If all of these are present, here's the algorithm:

1. Send a free-form application to

2. Receive additional individual questions and, possibly, an offer to have a conversation via Skype.

3. Receive polite wishes or an invitation. If the latter is the case, travel to the island.


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