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The world is changing before our very eyes and it will never be the same as in the olden days. This used to happen in the past as well, but today is the first time that the dividing line between past and present is so sharp. Each one of us and all of us together are to make a choice of life, now or never.


The new grows through, ignoring outdated rules and constraints, enabling possibilities and prompting events to happen. Culture is about rearing, cultivation. The Dolphinity Festival is about a culture of novelty. “Dolphinity” is the name we have given to a way of life and a worldview based on mindful involvement in the present moment.


It is the first interspecies festival: the first one to acknowledge that without the living ocean, the living Earth and the living skies it could not have happened. It could not have happened without free-living dolphins and whales as well. Just like humans, they are not its subjects, but makers. It is a festival of Attention and Unity.


It has taken place because life interests of an increasingly large number of people go far beyond personal material gain or even the notion of individual personality itself. This is because an ever-growing number of people see themselves not as consequences, but as the reasons of global developments. This is also a festival of Love and Doing.


The humanity has been developing to the best of its ability and, perhaps, without the hard lessons of disconnectedness, it would not be able to awake to the importance of integrity – you can’t write in white ink on a white page. But the phase of such learning is over and done with: everything that needed to be revealed has become sufficiently apparent. Ultimately, everything has been done to allow us to become our true selves – at least an instant before it would be too late.


Within the obsolete ways of thinking and acting, based on consumerists urge to “conquer the world”, there are no longer any solutions for the present. Any attempts to cling to the past are futile – as futile as trying to prevent morning from coming by closing curtains. The essence of what is happening is in the unstoppable wave of change that is ALREADY here.


In the world where we are all inseparably interconnected, time exists no longer: there’s nothing left to consume other than yourself. In the world where we are all inseparably interconnected, there are no longer any distances: if you shoot, you inevitably hit yourself. In the world where we are all inseparably interconnected, there is no longer any imprecision: you cannot receive without giving.


The human race is a part of the Universal body that is invested with the ability to be creative. The very moment we become aware of this, a huge leap in the world’s development will occur. A hundred of humans and a hundred of whales is a homeopathically small number. But conscious and coherent efforts produce immeasurably more powerful resonance than scattered ones.


The humankind and the world are living through the most dramatic moment in their history: no longer a caterpillar, but not yet a butterfly. Crawling skills have been rendered redundant, while flying still seems to belong to the realm of fantasy. The only real boundary dividing the world runs through each and every one of us. NOW.


©  Dolphin Embassy, 2016

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