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The 2016 Festival is a unique experiment for grown up boys and girls.

We have no more time or interest in talking about things that pull us down. It is too late and makes little sense to discuss long term programs for overcoming various crises, or resolutions to start a new life from Monday.

The task is to make evident what is saving us NOW.

To sum up and assess the ACTUAL REALITY that can outweigh necrosis, stupidity, fear, aggression, disconnectedness.


100 hours:

- for the Humanity to be honest and frank with itself

- to assert its identity through realizing what makes us human, who we truly are, and why we are presently here

- to find out and acknowledge what is it among the things humanity is doing NOW that gives us the power to live on

- to prove that we are indeed intelligent beings

- to put together all what is really valuable for each one of us, all of us together, and the entire world.

Let’s assume that invited to the Intergalactic Congress to represent our Planet are not only humans, but also dolphins and whales – two other species with self-awareness.

They will be present at the Festival as well, and will present (insofar as we are able to comprehend it) their answer to its questions.

The Festival will see the first presentation of the Dolphin Embassy to Humanity: “It's Time To Introduce Ourselves. Dolphins”.

Will we be able to agree in this interspecies dialogue on a way of life beneficial for both species, in fact, all species?


Interference is the striking increase in the strength of coherent waves when they meet.

It’s time to get together.

At least to see what happens to the world when people living to the fullest meet in the presence of whales.


Герои Фестиваля - дельфины и люди.

Потому что природа счастья тех и других - одинакова, и дельфины совпадают с ней ежесекундно, а люди - способны совпадать. 

И те из них, у кого это получается, - суть и ценность Фестиваля.

The Festival of Dolphinity is about what makes life alive.
About finding out what exactly imbues it with joy and meaning.

The protagonists of the festival are dolphins and humans.

This is because the nature of happiness is the same for them. Dolphins remain consistent with it at every instant, while humans are able to be just as consistent.

Those who do – are the greatest luck and asset for the Festival.

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©  Dolphin Embassy, 2017

June 22 - 26, 2016

Los Gigantes, Tenerife



A subject for reflection and debate:


Let's suppose the Humanity is invited to an intergalactic congress on the achievements of civilizations.

What to present there each civilization decides independently, according to its own hierarchy of values.

Only facts, products and evident results of the civilization’s activity will be considered, the ones reflecting the general direction, the mainstream of its development.

Marginal trends, individual accomplishments, personal creations and abilities can only be included as exponents of the general course of movement.


A compulsory program requires every civilization to present the prime ways (practices and effects) of its interaction with the planet it inhabits as a whole, with other forms of life, as well as its own kind - within their own species.

A civilization that submits fallacious information will no longer be able to participate. In regard to those civilizations whose “fruits” are incompatible with reason, or life-threatening, separate decisions will be taken.


We invite the participants of the Dolphinity World Festival 2016 to propose a solution: what and how the Humanity can present?


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