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The island’s latitude and climate, as well as the nature of Festival’s activities call for a particular order of daily events.
First half of the day: going out to the open sea, small trips, meetings and film screenings in cool indoor area.
Midday (early afternoon): siesta, free time, informal socializing.
From 5 p.m. to 12 p.m.: events of the main program – at a specially equipped open space right at the ocean shore.



Each of the five days of the Festival has its own theme and color.

White - Blue - Red - Golden - Multicolor

You are encouraged to include these colors in your clothes on the respective days.
After 8 p.m shorts and other beach wear will change in favor of smart casual outfits and cocktail dresses.


The complex consists of apartments, each featuring not only bedrooms, but its own kitchen, sitting room and open terrace or balcony.
The apartments also serve as offices of the Festival projects, where people interested in them can drop by. So do go visiting each other!
Within a few steps from the inner square of the complex there are about a dozen cafés, restaurants and shops where you can by everything you may need, plus a beach, a swimming pool and a hall set up for presentations.


The essential contents of the Festival manifest itself in immediate experiences, beyond the use of words.
However, all major speeches and presentations will be interpreted into English.
Also there will be people in the Festival team who can help with communication in English, Spanish, Russian and French.


We love kids, we really do.
Therefore let’s them enjoy their own time, while the adults are busy with their Festival.
We will need concentration and attention for the events of the Festival program.
That’s why all events are strictly 16+ (except for the open day fiesta on the 25th of June).


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