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The cost of accommodation in Dolphinic House for the Festival is 1000 Euros for (up to) 7 nights (from 21 to 28 June) in a twin room.

This year it includes not only accomodation in a twin room and access to the Festival's official program, but also breakfast and the Festival's evening cocktails.


A project can be represented by no more than two persons.


Additional options: 

- If you are traveling with a partner, the second person gets a 30% discount.

- Surcharge for single occupancy: 300 Euros

- If you are resident of Tenerife, please send us a request for special discount.


There are no restrictions as to the form or genre of the project you may present. It can be film, music, an idea, action, research, performance or expedition – as long as it’s a project aimed at overcoming alienation of any kind, at asserting a unified vision of the world, based on awareness of the inseparable connection between human beings and the Universe.


Only projects selected for participation will be presented in the Festival’s program, on its website, Facebook page, as well as to individuals, companies and media who may be interested in further promotion of particular projects.


To take part in the Festival you will have to fill in a questionnaire. If you have filled all boxes on the form and it has been successfully submitted, you will receive a notification to the email address you have provided.

After you send in your application, within 21 days a response will be sent to you.


If your project includes additional material, supported formats for the selection are:

        •                video files - MPEG4, H264 up to 100 МB

        •                photos - JPG, up to 10 photos per entry

        •                text files - txt, doc, up to 3 pages

        •                audio file - MP3, up to 3 min.

Please, upload your videos and photos to a file sharing site, and provide the links on the application form. 


If your project / product is selected for the Festival, you will have to duly provide:

        •                film – DVD or QuickTime file (ProRes, H264)

        •                photo – original (the best possible) quality.

        Best photos will be presented at the Sentient Ocean exhibition.

        •                book – 2 copies

        •                musical disc – 2 copies

        •                audio file – .wav or .aiff (no less than 16 bit 44 KHz)


All postage costs are covered by the sender.


Materials submitted to the Festival must be in English, French, Spanish or Russian, but in any case must contain a short annotation in English. 


By submission to the Festival it is implied that the author is the sole proprietor of all rights to the project/product, and that the Festival will not to be held responsible for any violations of authorship rights that may occur as a result of public presentation of the project/product at the Festival.


By submitting a project or product, the author authorizes the Festival to use of the submitted material on non-commercial basis, for the purpose of promoting the Festival. This may include full or partial reproduction of photos, video and audio fragments on the Festival website and Facebook page, in mass media, as well as in the Festival’s presentation trailer and specialized printed publications. In all cases giving credit to the author is obligatory.


We shall no longer be able to accept submissions once there’s no room for additional presentations in the Festival’s timetable and available space.


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You are welcome to apply for participation in the Festival presenting what you are ALREADY DOING NOW to keep the world alive and whole.


The Festival gives priority to projects that:


- are conducive to sustainable development of human culture

- help to preserve and increase biodiversity on our Planet

- aim to provide dignified living conditions to those who lack them

- pursue educational, cultural, scientific or environmental purposes, based on the view of the World as one living being.

- create precondition for healthy, harmonious, holistic and free development

- increase the amount of happiness and joy on Earth

- present a picture of the World with no place for divisions in it.


There are no restrictions as to the mode of presentation, the sphere or scope of the project originators’ professional activity. Making it through the needle’s eye does not depend on conventions, but only on mindful precision. Projects accepted by the Festival will jointly constitute a body of illustrations and evidence of the fact that we are alive and capable of increasing the quality of life and amount of joy in the world.




©  Dolphin Embassy, 2016

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